Court Dockets

The date on your citation assigned by the Officer is for arraignment only. You may pay for your ticket anytime on or before your Arraignment. If the citation is paid before arraignment, you do not need to appear.

Arraignment Dockets

Arraignment Dockets are always on a Thursday morning starting at 9 a.m. and are held in the Court Clerk’s Office. The Arraignment is before the Court Clerk. The Judge or Prosecutor will not be present at that time. No testimony will be taken and no hearings will be held. It is an administrative court date. Payment plans and certain reductions can be handled at that time.

Disposition Dockets

Disposition Dockets will always be on a Tuesday night, starting at 4 p.m. In order to be put on a Disposition Docket you must be assigned to that Docket by the Court Clerk’s Office.

Court Dates

The functions of the Piedmont Municipal Court will convene on the dates listed

  • Arraignments and Deferred Dockets will be held in the:
    Court Clerk's Office
    400 Edmond Road NW
     Piedmont, OK 73078
  • Court sessions will be held at the:
    George Fina Municipal Building
    314 Edmond Road N
     Piedmont, OK 73078