Trash Rates

Poly Cart Trash Rates

Inside City Limits

  • 1st Poly: $21.52
  • 2nd Poly: $10.53

Outside City Limits

  • 1st Poly: $33.40
  • 2nd Poly: $10.53

Dumpster Trash Rates

Amount 1 Time a Week P / U
2 Times a Week P / U
2 Yard
$86.80 $118.99
3 Yard
$96.73 $136.65
4 Yard
$99.92 $152.52
6 Yard
$119.85 $157.43
8 Yard
30 Yard
$1079.11 per pickup n/a

Additional Pick-Ups

There is a $20 charge for an additional trash pick-up. 

Trash Day

Please put your trash out by 6 a.m. on your trash day and if it does not get picked up on that day please call us the following morning and let us know so we can contact the trash company. Unfortunately, due to some dirt road conditions, the trash reserves the right to use their discretion on trash pick up during inclement weather. 

Please remember the trash company is subcontracted through the city of Piedmont. The trash company in the past has only recognized Thanksgiving and Christmas. During those holidays the trash schedule will change.


Be sure and check out our new utility website to get your account registered and sign up for e-billing today!

There is a drop box for utility payments located at the civic center. It is checked on a daily basis. If the due date falls on a Friday or weekend, you must have your payment in the box by 8 a.m. on the following Monday morning in order to avoid a penalty.

Late Charges

Notice: Late charges equal 10% of your bill. We do have automatic draft, if you would like to sign up. When submitting your draft form, please include a voided blank check or a deposit slip, with correct routing number and account number. The payments will be drafted on the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend the draft date will be posted on the following Monday.