City of Piedmont Drainage Projects Page

Welcome to the City of Piedmont's Drainage Projects Page. The information displayed on this page will be dedicated specifically towards the drainage maintenance within Piedmont city limits.

This will be updated with information on grants, weekly maintenance, work orders, short term and long term roads projects.

Latest Drainage Project News;

Coyoteee Springs Drainage Improvements

This project is to formulate a proposal for drainage improvements in the Coyoteee Springs housing addition near the intersection of Sara Rd. and Coyoteee Rd. NE.

Drainage Project - Coyoteee Springs

Procedures taken;

  • Complete a drainage study of the project area within Coyoteee Springs housing addition to Soldier Creek, which will include drainage basin delineation, determining hydraulic capacity of existing structures within the basin, evaluate existing conditions, and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • A survey will be conducted of the project area, including limited topography, utilities, property boundaries, and structure details. (Size, material, and invert elevations). A limited topographic survey will be conducted for the drainage channel along Sara Rd. to Soldier Creek and drainage channel along Coyoteee Rd. NE to Soldier Creek to include the size, material, and invert elevations of all structures and channel profile, and cross section elevations.
  • Gathering existing as-built drawings, plat maps, GIS surface data, and other publicly available information for development of improvement plans for the identified Project Area.
  • After the drainage study has been completed, sealed engineering plans and specifications for the identified project area improvements will be issued.

Rolling Prairie Estates Drainage Improvements

The Rolling Prairie Estates Addition experiences frequent localized flooding and the City of Piedmont has contracted with Burns & McDonnell to analyze the existing storm water structures and drainage channels, recommend infrastructure improvements to meet the funding requirements and prepare Phase 1 improvement plans. The general project area studied is included below in Figure 1.Rolling Prairie Estates Drainage Map

Procedures taken;

  • Conduct a limited topographical survey of existing culverts and key points along the drainage channel.
  • Investigate the hydraulic capacity of existing infrastructure comprised of corrugated metal pipe culvert.
  • Develop functional Phase 1 construction plans to substantiate the drainage stud.
  • Coordinate all design concepts with the Owner and any state and/or Federal regulatory entity having jurisdiction in this area.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding drainage issues, please call City Hall at 405-373-2621 or send an email to