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Quick Facts About Piedmont

  • Location - The City of Piedmont is located near the geographic center of Oklahoma, in the far northeast corner of Canadian County on State Highway 4. Piedmont has easy access to Highway 3 and 4 and is located approximately 4 miles from the Kilpatrick Turnpike connecting to Interstates 35, 40, and 44.  The city contains 43 squaremiles and borders Oklahoma City.
  • Population - A dynamic metro city, Piedmont's population has grown from 3650 in 2000 to its estimated size of 6000 today.
  • Growth Rate - One of the fastest growing communities in the State of Oklahoma, Piedmont grew at the rate of 64% from the 2000 U.S. Census making it the lead community for growth in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.  The Piedmont School System also grew at 14% in the last year.  Building permits increased from 110 in 2004 to 121 for 2005.
  • Traffic Count - The average number of vehicles passing through one of the busiest intersections in Piedmont, Edmond Road and Piedmont Road, is approximately 17,424 in a 24 hour period.
  • Utilities - The City of Piedmont offers water and sewer services, as well as contracts for the provision of trash services. 
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas provides gas services to the City and the Cimarron Electric and Oklahoma Gas and Electric provides electricity service.  Piedmont is served by AT&T as well as major wireless providers an