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Quick Facts About Piedmont

  • Location - The City of Piedmont is located near the geographic center of Oklahoma, in the far northeast corner of Canadian County on State Highway 4. Piedmont has easy access to Highway 3 and 4 and is located approximately 4 miles from the Kilpatrick Turnpike connecting to Interstates 35, 40, and 44.  The city contains 43 squaremiles and borders Oklahoma City.
  • Population - A dynamic metro city, Piedmont's population has grown from 3650 in 2000 to its estimated size of 6000 today.
  • Growth Rate - One of the fastest growing communities in the State of Oklahoma, Piedmont grew at the rate of 64% from the 2000 U.S. Census making it the lead community for growth in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area.  The Piedmont School System also grew at 14% in the last year.  Building permits increased from 110 in 2004 to 121 for 2005.
  • Traffic Count - The average number of vehicles passing through one of the busiest intersections in Piedmont, Edmond Road and Piedmont Road, is approximately 17,424 in a 24 hour period.
  • Utilities - The City of Piedmont offers water and sewer services, as well as contracts for the provision of trash services. 
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas provides gas services to the City and the Cimarron Electric and Oklahoma Gas and Electric provides electricity service.  Piedmont is served by AT&T as well as major wireless providers and cable television. The city has wireless bandwidth as well as DSL wired services.  Currently, there is one newspaper that is published weekly, The Piedmont Gazette.
  • Sales Tax Rate - 9.875%
  • Churches - There are currently six churches located in Piedmont.
  • Education - Piedmont's booming school district is made up of 5 different schools with a total staff number of 149. The school system consists of the Primary School,  2 Elementary Schools, Middle School, and High School. There are a number of opportunities for higher education within a thirty mile radius of Piedmont.