Permit Requirements

What do I need for my permit?

Type of Application Paper Plans Electronic Plans Plot Plan Engineered Stamped Plans Water/Sewer Forms Completed Drainage Plans
Residential New Construction X X X   X  
Residential Add-on X X X      
Residential Remodel X X        
Commercial New Construction X X X   X X
Commercial Add-On X X X     X
Commercial Remodel X X       X
Accessory Building X X X X    
Swimming Pool     X      
Driveway     X      
Fence (6 Feet and Taller)            
Floodplain Permit            
Road Bore       X    
Sign     X X    

*This is a quick overview of what is needed. City Staff may ask for more information when your permit is submitted.

For more questions, please contact the Community Development Department at (405) 373-2621.